Funds from Waterberg Rhino UK have been instrumental in getting food gardens up and running again during this time of need, and as we all continue to manage as best we can during this Covid-19 scenario.

Eight schools, a community co-operative and a clinic, in and around the town of Vaalwater in the Waterberg, have benefited from a delivery of 9,000 seedlings. Cabbages, onions, spinach, beetroot and tomatoes – from these tiny seeds grow the ability to feed some 2,855 children plus patients at the clinic with much-needed nutritional meals. Any extra produce is sold to earn a bit of income or to invest back into the gardens.



The 8 schools that received seedlings are: Serupa, Galakwena, Monala, Rabasotho, Ralehumane, Ntebeleleng, Nkidkitilana, and Matlou. The resulting produce will help ensure children are given at least one healthy meal a day.

The community clinic at Nkidikitilana will use the vegetables grown to boost the nutrition of its patients.



The Masebe cooperative supplies food to the rural villages located in the Bakenburg area.

The project is overseen by Daniel Mashasha, whose advice and support is vital in keeping the gardens productive and maintained.



A seemingly small bit of support goes a long way, especially when working with such dedicated schools and individuals.