As home to one of the last significant rhino populations in the world, the Waterberg has had to become a stronghold, relying on sophisticated technology to help combat the scourge of illegal wildlife trade. The region is secured by a cordon of LPR camera points, which monitor traffic coming in and out, in an effort to alert the authorities to potential criminals. This has been made possible by a combination of national and regional organisations coming together and by including the community to create a network of security.

With funds raised from Ride for Rhinos in January, 2022, Waterberg Rhino has been to help install a further camera point to the grid, in collaboration with Project Southern Cross, the National Rhino Security Action Plan, and Lapalala Wilderness, a notable reserve in the region.

We would like to thank all the riders who part in the Ride, and all who sponsored them, as well as the lodges and individuals who supported us along the way.

Rhino poaching along with other wildlife crimes continue to place a huge burden on those communities which strive so tirelessly to improve the situation. Increased security is sadly a vital part of the battle, along with improving education and awareness of the importance of a thriving and diverse eco-system to the local community as well as the the wider world.